ComposTumbler 08001 Back Porch Heavy-Duty Compost Bin

ComposTumbler Compost Bin
ComposTumbler Heavy-Duty Compost Bin
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ComposTumbler Heavy-Duty Compost Bin Review

The ComposTumbler Heavy-Duty Compost Bin is a portable, light-weight compost bin that is a perfect choice for people without a dedicated place in the yard for a composter for those without a lot of space.

ComposTumbler Back Porch Compost Bin measures in at a height of 37", a width of  31", and a depth of 26". It sits on a sturdy framework that is supported by 6" wheels.  

The ComposTumbler Compost Bin retains thirty seven gallons of compost substances, and four interior blending fins assist in breaking down any size compost material. The mixture of an aerator and waterflow and drainage device at the base of the compost bin along with screened-in side vents guarantees that your fertilizer receives the appropriate level of oxygen at the same time protecting against creatures from gaining access.

Comes with an outstanding five year manufacturer warranty.


ComposTumbler Features

  • Aerator/drainage unit on the bottom of the composter
  • Holds 37 gallons of compost material
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Screened side vents makes sure your compost gets the proper amount of oxygen
  • Does not need a lot of space

ComposTumbler 08001 Heavy-Duty Composter Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

75% of the owners of the ComposTumbler 08001 rate it as a 4 or 5 star unit, which is very good overall. 

Positive Customer Reviews

This great composter is great for the backporch.  I have it in the corner.  It looks good and best of all, it works.  Easy to open, easy to use.  Recommended.
-- C.D.

Easy 5 stars. Nice, mobile, looks great in my backyard and I'm saving the world!
-- J.G.

This is a great compost bin.  It's easy to use and turn and makes compost fast.  My kids love it also, great learning tool.
-- T.B.

Negative Customer Comments

There are very few negative reviews of this composter.  The only negative comments deal with problems they encounted with the latch on the compost bin lid, but other customers report no problems with the latch.

The latch on this unit is cheap and I can see it failing shortly.
-- V.B.