Lifetime 60021 75-Gallon Composter Tumbler

Lifetime 60021 75-Gallon Compost Tumbler, Black
Lifetime Compost Tumbler
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Lifetime 60021 75-Gallon Composter Tumbler Review

Why put money into pricey fertilizers when it's possible to make your very own compost minimizing land fill waste at the same time?

The Lifetime Composter allows you to greatly reduce, recycle, and reuse kitchen and garden waste products into a rich organic soil. Garden compost will help preserve the moisture in your soil and improves rich nutrients for healthy and balanced plants.

The Lifetime Composter is fashioned with dual wall panels to soak up and preserve the heat that breaks down the materials. An enclosed bar on this rotating compost bin blends the fertilizer and makes it possible for correct oxygen flow essential to breakdown the compost into a rich, black organically grown, eco-friendly fertilizer for ones backyard garden. The stream-lined and light-weight seventy-give gallon tumbler effortlessly spins on its axis for well-balanced turning. Also comes equipped with an extra large detachable cover for straightforward access and disposal.


Lifetime Compost Tumbler Features

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic, Powder-Coated steel
  • 75 gallon, 10 cubic feet Tumbler Capacity;
  • Double walled panels
  • Internal bar mixes the compost and allows the flow of oxygen
  • Tumbler easy turns on its axis for balanced rotation

Lifetime 75-Gallon Compost Tumbler Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

The reviews of this compost tumber are outstanding, with over 80% of all owners rating this compost bin as 4 stars or better.  There are very few negative reviews, but we did find some cons of this composter as reported by its owners.

Positive Customer Reviews

The Lifetime 75-gallon garden compost tumbler surpasses expectations. I've been a devoted composter for well over 15 years, always using home-made compost holders.  Set up was simple enough
-- R.T.

Overall I rate this Tumbling compost maker a good value....its sturdy and has a good volume, and it does what it claims, especially making compost faster than the regular stacking box method.
-- J.G.

This is the absolute best composter available, and I've had a few. 
-- T.B.

Negative Customer Comments

Many of the negative comments of this tumbler deal with it being difficult to assemble and hard to turn over when full.

The Lifetime compost tumbler took me three hours to assemble from the numerous parts included.
-- C.R.

This composter is very difficult to turn once it's full as it gets to be very heavy.
-- E.V.