RotoComposter Compost Tumbler

RotoComposter Compost Tumbler
RotoComposter Compost Tumbler
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RotoComposter Compost Tumbler Review

The RotoComposter Compost Tumbler makes turning scraps into compost as easy as possible.

Forget using shovels or pitchforks to remove compost. The RotoComposter produces rich, top quality compost from the garden, yard, and kitchen scraps in only a few weeks. The large capacity compost drum revolves over a secure base delivering fast and simple mixing. Simply revolve it around once every 7 days to maintain oxygen, nutrients, microorganisms, and moisture uniformly dispersed through the entire developing batch.

The RotoComposter comes fully constructed.  It sits low to the ground making it easy to fill.  

Cast from reprocessed polyethylene plastic, its dimensions are 36"x28"x31" and has a volume of 12 cubic feet. The revolving drum is easy to remove from the foundation so you can roll it to whereever you want to remove the material.

Comes with a 16" lid which is vented for air circulation along with 72 end vents.

Made in the USA. Comes with a 1 year defect warranty.


RotoComposter Compost Tumbler Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the RotoComposter are very good, with almost all reviews from actual being 4 stars or more.

Positive Customer Reviews

I am so impressed at how easy it is to turn this composter.  Came assembled, which was great.  I've pulled two batches of compost out of it already.  I'm completely happy with this compost bin.
-- C.D.

First, I like the look of this thing how it sits in my garden.  Easy to tumble, produces great fertilizer.  Two years now and it still looks and performs the way it did on day one.
-- R.C.

Negative Customer Comments

When the compost is wet I have a hard time turning the barrel over.
-- C.G.