Sterling 463406 7-Cubic-Foot Roto Composter Jr.

Sterling Roto Composter
Sterling Roto Composter Tumbler 463406
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Sterling 463406 Roto Composter Review

Sterling's EZ Composter Jr. makes it possible to clean up your yard, reduce trash going to the landfill, and and preserve the environment -- all at the same time!

The Sterling Roto EZ Compost Bin arrives completely assembled and is fully backed by a one year warranty.

Made in the USA, this composter tumbler has a volume of 7 cubic feet and is constructed from 98% post industrial polyethylene. Turning and rotation of the composter is make simple and easy using the built in recessed handles and wheeled base.

The reduced height of this compost bin offers comfortable access. The black coloring warms up the compost for quick fertilizer together with low upkeep.

The Sterling's EZ Composter Jr. is safe for both children and your pets.  It weight in at only 17 pounds and measures 30x22x23.5 inches.


Sterling Roto Composter Features

  • 7-cubic feet volume capacity
  • Made from 98% post industrial polyethylene
  • Recessed handles and wheeled base make turning almost effortless
  • Child and pet safe
  • Black color provides heat for quick compost

Sterling Roto EZ Composter Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Sterling EZ Composter Jr. from actual owners are very good overall with over 72% giving this composter 4 or more stars (out of 5 total).

Positive Customer Reviews

We have had this composter for about 2 months. It is a well constructed easy to use composter which meets the annual needs for small amounts of daily compost.
-- R.B.

I am thrilled with the quality of this compost bin.  It is extremely sturdy and turns like butter around the base.  A great deal for the price.
-- J.G.

This is by far the best composter I've ever owned.  Our biggest worry was racoons and other critters but the screw top keeps them away.
-- T.B.

Negative Customer Comments

There are very few negative reviews of this composter, but we did find some negative comments.

There is something wrong with the wheels and it doesn't turn right. The lid is hard to put on/take off.
-- C.

When it rains, water accumulates on the base - there is no drainage.
-- D.