Worm Factory DS5TT 5-Tray Worm Composter

Worm Factory DS5TT 5-Tray Worm Composter
Worm Factory 5-Tray Composter
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Worm Factory DS5TT 5-Tray Worm Composter Review

Worm composting is an extremely efficient method to transform kitchen waste, yard scraps, and paper waste into into great fertilizer and compost. Most gardeners would agree that compost that is manufactured by worms produces the best compost possible.   

The Worm Factory's distinctive stackable, multi-tray structure causes it to be one of the most effective worm compost bins available. Worms begin consuming waste materials inside the lowest tray, after which they progress upwards as food resources in that particular holder are depleted. By permitting worms to move up, they are separated from the good compost.

Aside from the worm castings which will be generated by means of the composting process, the Worm Factory additionally creates a 2nd kind of garden compost. As waste is broken down, dampness filters throughout your Worm Factory, moving nutrient-rich particles along with it. This liquid fertilizer, termed as leachate is collected inside the special collection holder of the Worm Factory and may be easily cleared from the faucet.

It's sleek and stylish rectangular design and style provides the Worm Factory the most compact presence of all worm composters.  You get the largest capacity in a the smallest possible amount of space.


  • Made with post-consumer recycled plastic, Dimensions 16-inch x 16-inch x 16-inch
  • Built in "worm tea" collector tray and spigot for easy draining.
  • Year Round Production
  • Odor Free Operation
  • Expandable up to 7 trays

Worm Factory 5-Tray Worm Composter Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

Reviews of the Worm Factory 5-Tray Composter are very good overall with over 76% of all customers giving this composter 4 or more stars out of 5.

Positive Customer Reviews

I highly recommend this worm bin. this is the easiest way to actually seperate the food from the castings.
-- S.M.

I have had this bin for a year now and I have only good things to say about it. It is great that a well designed system such as worm factory allows apartment dwellers (like me) with little space to divert their food scraps from landfills and compost them with relative ease.
-- L.B.

My kids and I love our worm factory. I have it in my kitchen and it is not obtrusive or smelly.
-- M.B.

Negative Customer Comments

I have had the worm bin for about a year now and have always had minimal problems with fruit flies, even though I did my best to follow the instructions
-- K.

This has a nice look it's not too large and easy located slightly larger than a kitchen garbage can.
-- K.W.